Late April-2018 progress report

Work continued on our attempted carbon net-neutral home in St Michaels this month – most construction activities were routine, e.g., inside-the-walls inspections, porch stone flooring, and the like. Re our six energy goals:
• Geothermal wells are completed.  All eight are now hooked up to the house where two ground-source heat pumps will be located indoors, basically quiet, so one in an upstairs closet & the other in the basement. Some wells are as far as 100’ away from the house. Delighted they’re invisible, so that kids can play ball on the lawn and never know they’re down there, providing most of our HVAC and hot water energy.
• Our local utility, Choptank Electric Cooperative, set a two-way meter, and our solar energy firm, Sunrise Solar, has prewired and set a pre-switching system (visible next to meter) for 50-panel rooftop system.
• The second battery-electric car arrived – a white Tesla Model 3, somewhat smaller and a lot less expensive than the Model S, but still racy, comfy, and has a 310 mile range.
• No progress on battery storage Powerwalls or the marine biodiesel motor yet – these will take us a little longer.
More to follow next month!